Ikuo Hiraishi

Born in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. Upon graduating from university, he started a business in 1991, previously having worked at consulting firms and foreign-owned advertising agency. He has been involved in Internet related business since the late 1990s and participated in the planning and setup of WebCrew Inc., whose automobile insurance price comparison website became a hit and was later listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers. In 2000, he co-founded and became the CEO of Interscope, Inc. (Internet research company), which was sold off to Yahoo! Japan in 2007, and later merged with Macromill in 2010. Also, he co-launched an Internet research society, Internet Research forum of Japan, assuming the position of chairman; a field he has made great contributions to.

In March 2011, he assumed the position of Tokyo Officer of SunBridge’s seed acceleration activities, and in May of the same year, in cooperation with Mr. Takeuchi of VentureNow, he launched “Innovation Weekend”, a pitch event and networking platform for early stage startups and angel investors.
In January of 2012, he co-founded SunBridge Global Ventures Inc. and became its president & CEO. In addition, he served as visiting professor at Hosei University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA), and outside directors of several startups.
In July 2017, he reactivated DreamVision and has started preparations to develop “New Schemed VC model” to invest in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo and also Global Entrepreneur producing program by DreamVision itself.


Yoshiaki Noguchi

Director (Founder of HRI)

After completing the graduate school of engineering at Yokohama National University, established HR Institute Inc. in 1993 after experiencing at the architectural design office and consulting firm. Developed “workout program” from a unique viewpoint, focused and adhere to consulting which can be used, to be practiced, and take command of onsite. Editor / author of most of HR Institute’s books. Since 2006, has been positioned as a director of DreamVision.


Yuya Okamura

Director (Founder of Razona)

Osaka University of the Arts dropped out. After that, crossed over to Spain alone (Barcelona) and shines at the Grand Prix at the contest, the entrance gateway to the painter in the field. After five and a half years in the local painter’s life, returned to Japan and established Razona Inc. in 1996 as a planning and development company for design and digital contents. With the
arrival of the Internet, it has shifted to website planning and production, apps production, etc. Having a subsidiary in Vietnam and partnership in Barcelona. Since 2006, has been positioned as a director of DreamVision.



Katsutoshi Horimizu

Auditor (Founder of Dialog Merchandise)

After graduating from Dokkyo University, experienced several companies, in 1991, established Creed Execute Inc. together with our company Ikuo Hiraishi, assumed office as a director. Established Dialog Merchandise Inc. in company split in 1996, assumed office as representative director and president (current position). Developing novelty products of companies and managing the campaign programs, etc. Also working on original cosmetic development etc. Since 2006, has been positioned as an auditor of DreamVision.