Greeting from the resignation, Ikuo Hiraishi

Today Im writing this letter to let everyone in contact regularly or occasionally know my decision.

Ive been thinking since last year and I made up my mind that Im going to resign the CEO of SunBridge Global Ventures at the end of June.

Back in January 2011 in Tokyo, I was lucky enough to run into my old friend Allen Miner, a founder of SunBridge and it became a trigger to be appointed to restart startup investment and acceleration in Japan as SunBridge. Also, in January 2012, I co-founded SunBridge Global Ventures as a spin-off from SunBridge.

Its been 6 years and 3 months since I joined SunBridge and 5 years and a half since the establishment of SunBridge Global Ventures. It feels like a long time and also a short time.

This is almost a same period of Interscope which I co-founded in March 2000 and stepped back in March 2006, and then sold off to Yahoo! Japan in February 2007. So hard to be described…

Running SunBridge Global Ventures has been a very tough time for me, but it is a legacy of the original SunBridge and I succeeded it as my first experience. I could have experienced a lot of things that I had never experienced in my life.

Id like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has helped me directly and indirectly.

Lots of things have been going around in my mind since the end of last year. And when I faced with the reality that I became 54 years old in March this year, I just realized that there is not long time left in my life, but, there are lots of backlogs and homework that I have not yet submitted.

If I really want to accomplish and submit such backlogs and homework, I just need to restart while my life is in “a best-before date.

From July 1st, I am going to reactivate DreamVision that I founded back in March 2006 to complete my unfinished VISION.

Its a false start little bit, but let me introduce the renewed website of DreamVision.  It would be much appreciated if you could take a look on the website.

Lastly, Id like to express my gratitude to Allen and our management team to allow me to leave the company and to reactivate DreamVision. Furthermore, I really appreciate to let me succeed 2 funds that I have managed as the CEO of SunBridge Global Ventures to DreamVision.

It’s easy to say, but hard to accomplish. However, I follow my intuition and I try to be always “Bold or italic, never regular” to complete my vision.

Im looking forward to seeing you again in my new situation.

Kindest regards

Ikuo Hiraishi