pulp fiction.

It’s been more than 10 years I guess, but the cityscape over the window of the car I was in still remains in my mind. Namba is the name of the place which reminds me of the scene of European countries.

In general, it implies a cynical meaning, but there are lots of kinds of “salaried men”.

There maybe a chance that employment system is going to be changing, but in Japan, in general, such salaried men have to be retired at the age of 60. Also if they would not reach to the certain position in their companies by 55 years old, their “salaries” are going to be reduced… Not so easy job.

For personal reasons, I got in touch with a person and have worked with him for a several years. Beyond just a business, if we have common values for lives with each other and share a vision and if I’ve been able to contribute to accomplish his vision, I am more than happy.

Ruy Ramos, one of the famous former professional soccer football players in Japan made his words at the interview of the recovery from brain infarction.

“I’m not afraid of death, but I can’t imagine if I can not see my wife and my children any more…”. I do also feel like him recently, maybe because of my age.

“Narcissism is not strong enough to make ourself to live…”. Sasaki-san, the editor in chief of NewsPicks, a famous innovative online media in Japan made his comment at the special edition featuring “Narcissism”.

When I was in the first half of my 20s, I was offered a job from a very traditional and authentic company in Kyoto and was in the training session for a few days. But I was not feeling that I would make my life there, so I declined that offer. How different my life would have been if I had accepted that offer and lived in Kyoto…

It was also in the early 20s in my life, I applied and passed the audition of one of the famous theater groups in Tokyo. One day, it was a shooting day of the leaflet of new talents and I asked to myself very seriously “what would you do if you were not successful when you became at age of 30?”.

As a result, I left there and did not take my photos. Meaning it was not the thing that I wanted to pursue even such a risk involved.

Even though it’s not real, it’s fake, but the opportunities you can make living as different personalities is a priceless value for being an actor as I imagine…

Even though there were risk in front of me, I quit my job after 2 months when I became 28 years old. And started my entrepreneurial life, with no fear and no plan at all…

I really hated to work with the guys like “typical salaried men” who have no visions and are complaining about their situation. Just wanted to work with people of “Dream and Vision”.

Maybe it’s too cool to say, but it was the reason why I quit the company and started my own company.

It’s been 26 years since then and it’s been a life of a “can of hardship and trouble”, but my life has not been boring at all 🙂

If you can share and accomplish a vision with someone you really respect, it is a happy life.

You need to keep yourself a challenger for the people in your mind who have supported your life.